I found this amazing poem, which sums up my feelings entirely, in the programme for the former 'Wickham Court Hotel', a PDF download of which will be available very soon.


Wickham Court - A Retrospect

Under the walls that stand four-square
Sleeping, yet still on guard,
There seems a hush in the noonday air ~
A peace in the old courtyard

As though the phantoms of days long gone
Had lingered, to rest a space;
Knowing that they must leave anon,
Content with a moment's grace.

To gaze on the scenes they loved so well,
Altered yet still serene:
If only these walls had tongues to tell
Of all that their eyes had seen!

Sleep on in your beauty, noble walls,
Dreaming of ancient days;
Let all who enter these stately halls
Re-echo my words pf praise.